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Simply selling products into the US does not subject you to US tax (as long as you've planned ahead and structured things correctly). Then, operating through a limited liability company ("LLC") formed in the US opens up additional opportunities.

You Can Sell into the US Without Paying US Tax

Many people think that simply selling products into the US market requires them to pay US tax.  They may also think that having a US bank account, or operating through an LLC, or having a US address, or many other things will subject them to US tax.

But that’s simply not how it works.  Instead, the only thing that matters is where the people are who are operating your business.  If you live outside the US and operate your business alone, or you have employees who help you but all of them are located outside the US, then you generally should be able to operate your business without paying US tax.

LLCs Provide Many Opportunities

You could simply operate your business through a non-US legal entity. However, there are many benefits to operating your business through a US LLC:

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I have a full package of services for non-US entrepreneurs, which involves:

Additionally, I can help with more customized services as well.  For example, I routinely help non-US entrepreneurs obtain a refund of erroneously paid US federal income tax.

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