Expat Tax & Legal Services

I help you not only maintain compliance with the ever-changing rules and tightening disclosure requirements, but also take full advantage of all possible tax-saving opportunities.

There’s More to Tax than Filing Returns

Tax return preparers look at the world facing backwards. They only care about what you did last year so they can put numbers in boxes on your return.

But making sure you pay as little tax as legally possible involves planning for this year and the years to come. And that planning must be based on a robust understanding of how US tax applies to expats, which is one of the most complex systems of law in existence.

That’s Why I do it Differently

Instead of simply slapping a tax return together and sending you on your way, I make sure you take full advantage of all tax-saving opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that are all too easy to slip into.

A tax return preparer allows you to limp over the finish line by filing a tax return.

I do things differently. I want you to win the race.

Services for expats

My team and I provide a full tax planning and compliance solution for expats. 

For a flat annual fee, we can:

The amount of the flat annual fee of course depends on your situation. So, we need to discuss first, and then I’ll provide an exact flat fee quote.

Additional Services for Expat Entrepreneurs

If you own and operate your own business, your situation is even more complicated.

You want to take full advantage of the tax-saving opportunities of being an expat entrepreneur, and you also want to make sure everything’s taken care of without you taking time away from your business.

My team and I provide a full range of tax and legal services for expat entrepreneurs designed to do exactly that. In addition to everything discussed above, and again all as part of a flat annual fee, we can:

More on my philosophy

I’m no Socrates or anything, but I do have ideas about life and how to live it when it comes to improving your tax situation.

These articles show how I operate and think about these issues:

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to get started, let’s talk so I can answer your initial tax questions and provide a flat fee quote.  CLICK HERE to schedule a call. The amount you pay for this call of course applies toward your first annual flat fee.

Also, if you’re new to the world of expat tax, you’ll want to start with a good foundation. That’s why I created the Tax-Savvy Expat series of online courses.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Tax-Savvy Expat courses.

Stewart Patton