Legal Structuring Masterclass 
for US Digital Nomads
Wednesday, January 24th | 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern
This Masterclass will provide reliable and actionable information so you can understand how US tax applies to you as a US digital nomad and how to structure and optimize your personal and business tax situation.

US tax is difficult stuff, just for people who live in the US. Then, add the international element by becoming a digital nomad and things get even more complicated. Finally, venture out to work as a freelancer or own a business and the complications really pile up.

Fortunately, there really is gold at the end of this rainbow. By operating through the proper legal structure, you really can earn income in a tax-free manner, all completely legally and above-board (as long as you do everything correctly).

This Masterclass is for you if:
  •  You’re an American (i.e., a US citizen or green card holder);
  •  You live outside the US as a digital nomad, and
  •  You sell your services to multiple clients or you operate your own business.
This Masterclass will show you the exact legal structure that works best for freelancers and entrepreneurs, building up the concepts step-by-step so everything is clear and fully explained.

Also, this is a live Masterclass, so you can get answers to your specific questions as well.

You'll learn:
  •  The very common trap that freelancers and entrepreneurs fall into, potentially costing them thousands in extra tax and penalties;
  •  How to set up the proper legal structure for your business so you can pay zero US tax, all completely legally, and
  •  How to compound these tax savings by properly investing the proceeds of your business.

Presented by Stewart Patton

Stewart Patton is a US tax attorney and expat entrepreneur. He specializes in helping US citizens who live outside the United States understand and optimize their tax situations.
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