Freelancer: Complete tax and legal structuring solution for expat freelancers

Freelancer is for expat freelancers, professionals, and solopreneurs—expats who sell their time and attention to multiple clients. Working as a freelancer has more complicated tax and structuring considerations than simply having a job.

For example, you’ll want to operate through a legal structure so that you can limit your liability, give your business a professional face, and separate your business assets from your personal assets. Freelancer fully explains all the tax rules and shows you how to use the proper legal structure to legally reduce your US tax as much as possible.

Beyond just discussing the rules, Freelancer also has a step-by-step guide to actually creating the proper legal structure for your situation. Freelancer allows you to avoid the well-marketed (and expensive) legal entity formation services and instead use the tools the professionals use to get the job done.

Freelancer shows you:

How to minimize US federal income tax, US self-employment tax, state tax, and non-U.S. tax;

how to determine the best legal structure for your particular situation;

how to create that legal structure (with an easy step-by-step guide and links to resources so you can actually get it done as cheaply as possible); and

how to operate under that legal structure.

A single payment of $450 gives you access to Freelancer. Freelancer’s step-by-step guide to forming the proper legal structure really makes Freelancer instantly pay for itself. And I guarantee you that the US tax strategies you learn will repay you many times the cost of this course for years to come.

Also, as an added bonus, your purchase of Freelancer gives you free access to Essentials as well.

Yes, I want to become at Tax-Savvy Expat Freelancer!

Risk-free money-back guarantee


I’m absolutely sure you’ll find tons of value in each of the Tax-Savvy Expat courses. But I want you to feel confident about that too. That’s why I’m including a risk-free money-back guarantee.

If you don’t get exactly what you expect from a Tax-Savvy Expat course, for any reason, just drop me an email within 30 days. I’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

Stewart Patton