US tax planning and compliance can be complex and anxiety-inducing. Every business and investment is unique, which presents difficulties as well as opportunities.

Misunderstanding your tax obligations, piecing together a “strategy” based on free advice you find on the internet, or simply burying your head in the sand can cost you time, energy and potentially a lot of money.

I provide expert advice and complete legal and tax structuring solutions. Whether you’re in the planning stages or are already investing or operating overseas, I’ll help you navigate the complex US tax rules and get everything in order so you save time and money and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Expat entrepreneur tax & legal services
Expat entrepreneur tax & legal services

Expat Tax & Legal Services

Maintaining compliance with complex US tax rules and ever-changing filing requirements can feel like a minefield for many expats and digital nomads. I provide absolute clarity on your tax situation.

In addition to making sure your US tax return is prepared properly, I provide tailored year-round guidance and advice on tax-saving opportunities. For expat entrepreneurs, I also provide a full tax and legal structuring solution.

Cross-border business and investment advice

Expat and international tax consultations

Have questions about how US tax applies to you? You could spend several frustrating hours sifting through conflicting and unreliable information on the internet.

Or, in a 30- to 60-minute conversation, I can answer all your questions and set your mind at ease. Easily schedule a call using my online calendar system.

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Cross-border business and investment advice
Offshore IRA services
Offshore IRA services

Offshore IRA services

Offshore IRAs are benefit-rich when managed correctly, but these structures are complex and delicate from a US tax perspective—they must be handled with care by an international tax expert.

That's why I offer a complete planning, structuring and compliance solution that covers you from day one, allowing you to invest offshore without compromising the special tax status of your IRA.

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FATCA planning for foreign-account holders

FATCA planning for foreign financial institutions

For non-US financial institutions, achieving FATCA compliance can be complicated—the rules are complex and evolving. Additionally, for certain types of offshore service providers, FATCA isn’t simply a compliance burden—it actually provides opportunities to expand your service offerings and better serve your clients.

Most US tax advisors approach FATCA only from the perspective of their US-based clients. My regular work with non-US financial institutions and offshore service providers gives me the unique insight and experience you need to help steer you through FATCA’s choppy waters.

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FATCA planning for foreign-account holders

What my clients are saying

"I wish I would have had you as my attorney when we started…"

"It was nice chatting with you on the phone. I apologize if I seemed frustrated but the government does not make this easy and I'm learning too many things in hindsight. I wish I would have had you as my attorney when we started, we would have set up things much differently."

Cynthia G, offshore IRA investor

"If you are a digital nomad with your own business, I highly recommend contacting Stewart..."

"I travel around the world and have an internet business. Last year Stewart set me up with a couple offshore corporations and told me exactly how to qualify for the FEIE and avoid self employment tax."

Michael H, expat entrepreneur

"I'm eternally grateful..."

"Stewart has been a god send! He helped me figure out how to set up my business properly to save money on taxes and has a wealth of information about foreign companies and bank accounts, exactly what I was looking for."

Brittany W, internet marketer
Stewart Patton

I'm Stewart Patton, US tax attorney and expat entrepreneur based in beautiful Belize. Read more about me here, or email me at [email protected] to discuss how I can help.

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